American Elections: Spectacle & Charade

There's something attractive about national political elections. Indeed, there's story lines, glitz, glamor, and interpersonal drama. But, unfortunately this isn't a Hollywood film or TV sitcom, it's the future of our lives and the planet itself. Sure, the Spectacle represents something more, indeed something much more: many living within Imperial America enjoy the bright lights, glamour, and highfaluting rhetoric of our national electoral theatre, but, of course, it comes at a very high cost: namely, a decent, moral, and democratic society capable of meeting the needs of its citizens and facilitating the space needed for intellectual inquiry and creative cultivation.

Give the People Games: A Brief Essay on Distractions

An essay that Vince wrote in 2009 that applies even more today

The Real Legacy of Steve Jobs

Child Labor, Environmental Degradation, and Aiding the Police State.

Read Vince's article following the death of Apple founder steve Jobs

Sustainability & Creativity

Pressing Questions For Wall Street Protesters & Humanity At-Large

Occupy Wall Street

Videos and speeches from the movement of our generation

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